The Awakening – A Revolution About Living

We are currently in a time of mass awakening, an awakening to the fact that we will soon run out of resources and that what resources we do have will soon be polluted to the degree that they are unusable. A perfect example is the city of Cape Town, South Africa where four million individual humans very well may run out of water by mid-April or soon thereafter (Welch, 2018). Can you even imagine the chaos that will transpire when that happens. Worse still, this is just the first of many large cities that will experience loss of water and other resources alarmingly soon.

We do not have to let this happen. There is a way for all of us on this earth to live together and each have the resources we need to live comfortably. The concept is known by a rather simple word, sustainability. In short it means, we live on this earth in such a way that any resource we use will be replaced in a natural and timely manner,  anything that is left over from production or use is returned to the ecosystem as material used to regenerate new resources, and we use no more than we need and we use it wisely.

For example, why are we not using quickly renewable resources like hemp as sources for pulp paper production rather than trees (Hemphasis Magazine, 2004)?  Composting vegetable remains from cooking our meals that would have been thrown in the trash is a perfect example of returning resources to the ecosystem. Becoming a Vegan rather than eating meat is a completely natural and perfect solution to only using resources we need and using them wisely.

Kauffman (2016) States, “Each cow emits approx. 66 to 79 gallons of methane every single day. There are currently (as of 2016) 88 million cattle in the United States. That’s between … (5.8 billion and 7 billion) gallons of methane per day. Together, these cows reportedly produce more methane than landfills, natural gas leaks, and fracking combined.” (p. 30) And that is just beef, not pork, or chickens, their waste decomposition, etc.

Our human body digestive systems are built to live on plants, from our teeth type to our intestine length and makeup. Millennia ago we turned to meat when plant food was scarce yet now we produce enough plant based food to feed the entire world many times over…. BUT our industry is set up to make money by feeding our abundance of good food to animals so that businesses like the fast food industry can make insane profits by selling meat burgers.

There are many things that can be easily done to fix our problems. The first thing is awakening others. This is already happening but we all need to keep reaching out to each other and waking those asleep from the false dream that they have been led to believe. We need to begin acting to produce and support solutions to our ailing world. Sitting back now will only get us all killed by means of apathy and neglect. Do we really want to leave a sick and dying world to our children. If not, pay attention now. Learn how easy it would be to fix these problems. The greatest difficulty that the people of the earth face is that we need to begin strictly thinking in terms of people instead of profit. Once that occurs we will certainly be on our way to a beautiful future.


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